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A Little More Dead

Having pretty much accepted her fashion disaster of a uniform, her job that doesn’t pay and the fact she’s dead, Bridget Sway is doing okay. That is, until her handsome parole officer’s homicidal ex-ward, Katie, escapes from a mental institution.

When bodies start falling out closets Crazy Katie is the natural suspect. Bridget and Sabrina decide all they need to do is find Katie, hand her over to the GBs and everything can go back to what passes for normal in the afterlife. Simple. 

But with housemates like barnacles, a GB officer taking an exceptional interest in her and an irritating Barbie-esque adjustment companion, who might be her handsome parole officer’s girlfriend, dogging her every step Bridget’s afterlife just isn’t that easy.

On the up side, at least there aren’t any dead bodies stuffed in her locker …

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Praise for the Bridget Sway series


"Bridget Sway is the afterlife of the party!" 

- Diane Vallere, National Bestselling Author of the Costume Shop Mystery Series.


"Beyond Dead: A Bridget Sway Novel is truly an original and unique work ... sassy and quick-witted, fun for the reader."

- 5/5 stars Reader's Favorite


"The characters were extremely likable. I loved how spunky and sassy Bridget was. She was bold and was never afraid to speak her mind ... I highly recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading a creative and unique mystery novel."

- 4/4 stars Online Book Club