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A little about me ... 

Just hanging around in Park Güell 

My office space. Didn't even have to tidy it for the photo – it always looks like that ... mostly!

My beautiful little Wolf. Don't let that innocent face fool you – he's a whirlwind of trouble! And mud.

I was fourteen when I attempted to write my first novel. Half finished, riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and printed in pink ink, I gave it to my English teacher and asked her for feedback. A month later she handed it back to me and told me it was "good" without having read it.

How did I know she hadn't read it? The story was about an assassin for hire who disposed of her "kills" in her bathtub by dissolving their remains in sulphuric acid. I'm pretty sure if she had read it, one heck of a letter would have been sent home. I look back at this now and can see that the pink ink and poor spelling were the least of my problems. 

With the lack of constructive criticism from my English teacher, I placed my novel writing on hold. I dallied mainly with typical teenage, angst-ridden poetry until several years later, on a romantic whim, I turned a boy I knew into a superhero, literarily (not literally) speaking. Because I'm super awesome, I included some of his friends and chronicled their superhero adventures as a birthday present to him.

My relationship with the superhero version of the boy lasted the completion of a dozen short stories. My relationship with the real life boy didn't. And I was writing pretty dang quick too! (See the sign up form in the top right of this page? Pop your email in and you'll get a copy! Not straight away, mind.)

There were a couple more plot twists but since they don't involve radioactive spiders, magical wardrobes or handsome Tolkien-esque elves they're not really worth talking about! So that's pretty much the yellow brick road to how I got here. 

And, because I'm pretty sure you'll want to ask me at some point ... my name is pronounced Jaw-dane-a. I have a three strikes rule about it. When we first met and I introduce myself, if you mispronounce, it I'll only correct you three times. After than I don't bother because you've learned it wrong and I feel like a douche repeatedly correcting people.

If you have any questions that my oh-so-indepth "about me" section didn't cover, or you just want to tell me how adorable my little Wolf is, then you can just head on over to the contacts page and send me a message.

My home. I don't know if you can see the snow but that's about as much as we ever get in the city centre. The outskirts get way more.

Scarborough. The view from the fort where Bridget and Sabrina have their GA meetings.

Where I keep all my drafts ... when they're not cluttering up my desk. The drawers are labelled and everything!