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I could give you the highlights of how I got here …

but since they don’t involve yellow brick roads, climbing through a wardrobe, falling down a rabbit hole, handsome elves, dragons, volcanoes, space travel or any other super cool stuff, how about I just tell you ten fun facts about me?


Baby Woof

• I have a husky puppy named Mr Wolf – Woof to his friends. 


• I have a teeny tiny teeny bit of trouble telling my left from my right. If we ever meet in real life and you ask me for directions, don't listen to what I'm saying–watch my hands. They know which way I mean ...

 • I LOVE going to new places, but I'm an atrocious traveller. Like, ten minutes as a car passenger and I'm throwing up out of the window. TMI? 

 • I love writing outside. I feel like when I write indoors my ideas get cramped and can't flourish. 


 • I adore laminating and labelling #OCD

• I detest having my photo taken. Not for any self-esteem reason, but because I can't force a smile–I look like I'm in pain ... or constipated. Not a great look. Check out my Instagram for all my "Stop taking my picture!!" smiles.


• I have a red crystal ball on my desk (next to my magic 8 ball which tells the future doncha know?). 


• I'm one of those disgustingly annoying people who tries to find the positive in any situation. (What? You broke your leg? That sucks ... but at least you didn't break both of your legs! #silverlining)

• I say "yo" a lot. And "y'all ". (Yes, I am English. Yes, I do suppose that is a little unusual.)

• I adore Country music. Like, ADORE it. (Once again, yes, I am English.)you can find my playlists here ... if you're interested.


Bonus Facts!

• I can knit AND crochet.

• I'm in love with Nashville. (The place, not the TV show.) At some point this year I'm going write a screenplay which I'm planning to film in Nashville in 2020. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel because I'm going to turn the process in to a vlog series called "How to make a TV show" which should be fun ... since I have no clue how to make a TV show! There's not a lot up there at the moment but stuff will be coming soon so subscribe and make sure you'll be the first to see what's the happs with that. 

I spent years working in retail. I have many stories of general-public stupidity.

• I just don't get Twitter. I have it but I don't get it. I understand the premise but I don't get it. You know what I mean, right?