Well, hi there!

Not the page you expected to see? You thought you were going to Amazon or Nook? Or iBooks? Okay, let me explain. You know how when you were growing up and someone didn't like you and your mum would say "not everyone can like you all of the time"? Well, that's how Amazon feels about me. I don't blame Amazon--sometimes people just have relationship hiccups. 

Unfortunately, Amazon have got in the habit of hiccuping at inconvenient times. I can run promotions through the same companies and two out of three times it'll be fine. But that one time it's not fine? Well, folks who are trying to download or buy a book run into trouble. And I can't do anything to help because it's Amazon that's hiccuping.

So now, I send people here. You pay through PayPal and then download through Bookfunnel (who never hiccup!). This way I can be sure you get your book. And that's what's important to me. If you're like "Who are BooKFunnel?" Then download the first book Beyond Dead again and check out how it works. It's free so it's a good test run.