Dead and Buried

Bridget Sway is happy … because Bridget Sway is shopping! At long last, she has new clothes. New shoes. New makeup. Bridget is about to add some much-needed underwear to her purchases but, instead of finding a frilly knicker and bra set, she finds a matching alive dead body and its ghost.

Despite her history with the victim, no one is accusing her of murder so, this time, Bridget thinks she might just get to sit this murder solving spree out. Unfortunately for her, pretty much everyone else has other ideas.

With a handsome parole officer keeping a closer eye on her than ever, housemates to protect from a murderer (as well as each other), a new job to hold down and eyeliner to not smudge, Bridget’s afterlife is just not getting any easier. But the important thing is she has new shoes …

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