Hey there, buttercup!

You like my books, right? That's awesome! How would you like 25% off them? Or maybe you'd like to read them chapter-by-chapter months before they're released? Or what about access to my {life is a} adeventure blog? Yeah, I thought the last one might swing it! My life is such an adventure ... *cough cough*

Anyway, because you're a super awesome subscriber you get to sign up to my amazingly awesome Facebook group for just £1 per month. 


This is a one time only offer!

Super important stuff: Now, this is a one time offer only. this is a HUGE dealio because you'll only end up paying about £1.50-£2


What you do//who you do it for//what you help people achivee

Now, before you're like, "I have to pay you £1 EVERY month?!" with the amount of books I'm writing that means you're pretty much going to be paying $1.50-$2 per book. So that's less than half their retail price AND you'll get them earlier. 

What do you get? 

*25% off any book that's already released

*access to new books chapter by chapter (and a free fully edited copy when it's availble for prerelease)

*weekly emails (that I'll post in the group in case you miss them)

*access to my {life is an} Adventure vlog 


You can cancel any time but if you do and decide to rejoin then you'll have to pay the regular price. 


£1.00 per month