Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Beyond Dead

(Afterlife Adventures #1)

You thought life was hard? You should try being dead?

Dead less than twenty-four hours, with a job that doesn’t pay, a fashion disaster for a uniform and more afterlife rules than she can shake a stick at, Bridget Sway thinks it’s as bad as it can get. And then she finds a dead ghost stuffed in her locker.

Since the police are desperate to arrest her for murder, Bridget’s new best friend convinces her the only way to save herself from an eternity in prison is to solve the murder themselves. 

With a handsome parole officer watching her every move, an outlaw ghost befriending her and two persistent mediums demanding her attention, solving the murder is not quite as easy as it sounds.

And when “murder” turns into “murders” Bridget needs to solve the case … before she becomes the next dead body stuffed in her locker.

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Praise for the Afterlife Adventures series:

It rapidly swept me up in a fantastic supernatural mystery tale that was also absolutely hilarious!!! Highly, highly recommended!!
— Amazon Customer

Aurora North and the Vampire Vixens

Things that go Bump in the Night #1

"Vampires on campus!"

As a paranormal reporter for The Universe, Aurora North is not impressed when her editor slaps a student newspaper on her desk and accuses her of getting scooped on a vampire attack on a nearby university campus.  

Initially, it looks as though the article is nothing more than poor student reporting, but when Aurora discovers a young girl's body, with what could possibly be a vampire bite on her neck, it's conceivable there might be something to the story after all. 

With a new trainee to keep in line and the body count rising, Aurora knows she has the makings of a great story. If she can manage not to get bitten long enough to write it, that is ...

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Praise for the Things that go Bump in the Night series:

Loved it. The characters are amazing, the twists and turns were great, the hint of romance made the story more fun, but the mystery was the real star
— Amazon customer