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Why, hello there!

How’s your week been so far? I know we’re only—*checks watch* Oh. It’s Thursday. So asking how your week has been is a legitimate question. Cool. Well, I hope it’s been good and fun and filled with awesomeness. Mine … has not. Well, it kinda has. No, it has (bear with me while I argue with myself about it!). It's been good becauuuuuse I made it through the main edits for the fourth Bridget book. WOOP! *does happy dance*


Any time I manage to complete any sort of editing task it always makes me feel like this -------->


I'm not sure why. It's not like I don't enjoy editing. Okay, so I don't enjoy it as much as writing. (And then when I'm writing I'm like "I can't wait to get this done so I can edit all the problems out of it––I love editing!!". It's a process, don't judge me!) I think the (temporary) dislike of editing is more to do with getting to certain parts of the book and being like, “Ohhhhhh, nawwo! It’s so obvious they are the killer/s! I need to make it less obvious! How can I do this? How can I make it less obvious? Who else can I frame? There must be someone else. Wait! So-and-so has a cat. Maybe I could frame the cat. Yeah, that would totally work!".


And this feeling persists throughout the whole editing process despite my editor having told me she couldn’t pick the killer/killers out of a line up. And despite her telling me that I need to add more clues, not less. I’m still like, “buuuuut, it’s so obvious, maaaan! C'mon! Did you never watch Murder, She Wrote?". And it so hard to add clues when you know whodunnit because it feels like a neon arrow. Writing problems, man!


On top of this, I always want to make the killer a woman. I'm not saying the killer in Dead and Buried is a woman ... or am I? Or maybe it is the cat ... Mwahahahaha! Straight up though, I just think when it comes down to it woman are more ruthless/vicious/murderous/creatively vindictive/and so on ... or am I just speaking for myself? I am? Oh, okay. I mean it's not like there are people that I would murder or anything ... and it's not like I could legitimately research how to do this stuff in great detail ... y'know, for my books ... *cough cough*



Sort of on this topic, I was watching the Lizzie Borden Chronicles with my mum the other day (have you seen it?) and right after Lizzie had hacked a couple of people to pieces my mum said, "I think we should be more like Lizzie Borden". Even Mr Wolf paused in the mauling of his fluffy toy at that declaration.


After a little clarification on this topic what my mum actually meant was that we shouldn't care what people think about us so much. At least that was what she backtracked to ... which I completely agree with. People can be mean but, still, I just don't think we need to hack people to death over it. I'm pretty sure the best option is simply to walk away from that situation.


Hmmm, I feel as if I'm getting a little off topic here ... let me just scan back to the top to see what my original point was––right! So, I've finished the heavy edits on the fourth Bridget book and now I'm just tidying it up.


So there's that ... oooooh! Also, and hopefully you'll think this is fun, but I'm starting up a YouTube channel. Yes, I know I already technically have a YouTube channel. (If you didn't know that then there's a link at the end of this email that will take you to it.)


It's kinda going to be a bit of an extension of my emails in a way––I always have more things to tell you than I can acceptably fit in an email. So if you enjoy my newsletters then it might be worth checking out my channel if you don't enjoy my emails (how did you make it this far down??!) then ... don't check it out? ... and maybe unsubscribe? Like, life's too short!


You didn't hit unsubscribe, right? Cool. Okay, so I have enormously HUGE future YouTube plans. Have I told you about them? It involves moving to Nashville––we've talked about this, right? I'm sure we have. If we haven't then email me back and I'll give you the sit rep (that means situation report, y'know!) in my next email.


Okay, so, let's recap. Dead and Buried is ticking along on schedule, my mum has possible psychotic and murderous tendencies that she's trying to hide and you need to email me about whether you know about my YouTube plans. Oh, and you should go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel because I'm going to upload a slew of videos at some point time next week and if you subscribe you get notified when I upload so you will know about it waaaaay before anyone else. So that's pretty cool, right?


I feel like I've forgotten to tell you something ... never mind. If I have, whatever it is will have to keep until next time!


Speak soon,


Jordaina :)

PS. Here's the link to my soon to be SUPER awesome (instead of regularly awesome) YouTube channel.

You: I'm absolutely going to click this magic button so I can subscribe and be the first person to see your videos when you upload them!

Me: That's awesome! I'm so glad you're excited about this!

You: I am!

Me: ME TOO!! *does slightly crazy happy dance*

You: *steps back so the crazy doesn't rub off on you* Yeah, I think I left the oven on––I should probably go and check ...