🤷‍♀️ Family, folks. All I'm gonna say! 🤦‍♀️


Well, hi there!


What's new with you? Talk to me, kitten. Did you get your banking stuff sorted out? Cool. This is good news. I haven't. Need a little more time to build my patience back up before I try that again! But it's good that you're sorted out ... because now I know where to come if I need a loan! 

Kidding! ...mostly.

Now, I know we always talk about my news first so, before we get to it is there anything you'd like to say? Anything you'd like to share? I'm listening. I've put you on the spot and your mind's gone blank, you say? Okay, well, if you remember, reply and let me know.

Back to me and my news!!

I'm sure you remember it was my birthday a few weeks ago. Well, I received a belated birthday card from my aunt and uncle last week. The belatedness isn't what we're going to talk about. And we're not talking about that because *holds hands up* I'm terrible. I never remember stuff. So, if I were going to complain about it (which I'm not) I wouldn't have a leg to stand on. I'm very casual about my own birthday stuff because I'm just not that fussed about it. And I have no sense of time which means I always forget other people's birthdays. Unless someone is right up in my grill about it being their birthday––I'll forget.

And it's not because I'm self-involved (okay, so I'm a little self-involved) but it's more that I'm not all that fussed about birthdays. Or Christmas. We're getting off topic. The important thing to take away from this isn't that I'm self-involved or forget birthdays––it's that I got a birthday card from my aunt and uncle.

Now, before we get into this I asked my mum if it was okay to tell you and she said that my aunt has a sense of humour so it will be fine. Let me reiterate: I, as an adult, asked my mum's permission. 

Back to the belated birthday card. Because my aunt is lovely she wrote a little note in the card about my books and stuff. About how she prefers audiobooks or paperbacks and how she's not into Tinder or downloading books.

Did you catch that? It wasn't a typo. At least it wasn't a typo on my end! It'd been a long day by the time I was reading the card so it took me a couple of concentrated attempts to make sure I hadn't misunderstood.

Then I read that passage aloud to my mum. She responded with "I like audiobooks too". 

It's times like that I wish I lived in a sitcom. Where I could look at the camera and be like "Y'all are here with me, right? You're hearing this?"

But I don't live in a sitcom. So I reread the sentence to my mum who looked at me, completely blank. And then made another comment about audiobooks.

So then I had to explain to my mum that Tinder wasn't the same thing as Kindle. That it's not even loosely related to Kindle. That's it's not any sort of thing to do with books. AT ALL! That it's a sort of dating site. Where people look for other people who aren't really interested in the dating side of things but more the physical side of that type of relationship. With no commitments. (You get what I mean, right? I'm trying to keep it clean, y'all! I just straight out told my mum, though.)

And then my mum stares at me and asks, "Is that legal?"

I tell her that it is and she should probably give my aunt a call and let her know about it so my aunt isn't walking around telling people she likes audiobooks but she's not into Tinder. Can you imagine that conversation at the supermarket? My aunt's buying a paperback and the cashier says "Don't you like ebooks?" and then my aunt replies "No, I'm not into Tinder.".

Can you imagine the looks? The neighbours would definitely talk. Maybe there's a writer who lives near my aunt who is, at this very moment, writing a similar email about a conversation she overheard in a supermarket!

My mum said she'll call her and explain. (This happened a few days ago and my mum has still not called her. Which is a shame because I really wanted to hear that conversation. And, yes it's true, I could call her, and I probably should so I can thank her for the card ... but awkward! Maybe I can make my sister do it. She has no sense of propriety. She'll tell my aunt straight up.)

Anyway, in the meantime, my mum goes to work. (Yes, she's back now, on reduced hours. Yes, she's doing okay. Thank you for asking.) She comes home and says that she was talking to one of the girls at work about it. She said (and these were her actual words), "I was telling Nikki about Tiddle––was it Tiddle? No, it was Tindle. Was it Tindle?"

And I'm like, "No, mam. No. It's Tinder. Tinder. And why are you talking to people at work about it?"


My mum shrugs and says, "Oh, well, I think Nikki knew what I was talking about. And I just think it's funny."

Yep. So that happened this week. 

And while we're talking about audiobooks I'm having an email conversation with a very lovely lady about turning Bridget into an audiobook. Cool, right? She sent me a sample in a very posh English accent but I'm a Northerner so I imagined Bridget spoke like me. However, I know you might have imagined her voice differently. So, this lady is (hopefully) going to record another version of the clip for me. I'll host them on a super secret page on my website so you can go and have a listen and tell me which you think is more Bridget. How does that sound? Cool, right?


Okay, so you make sure you have an awesome weekend and we'll speak soon,


Jordaina :)