✨🎉Guess what day it is? ✨🎉


Well, hi there!

Do you know what today is? Okay, yes, you're right. It's Thursday ... 

But it's also ... release day!! 




(I was actually looking for a happy dance gif, but I came across this and was like "Yep, that's kinda how I felt when I pressed the 'upload' button!".)

(Also, I've not seen this film yet––do NOT send me spoilers) (Yes, I know it came out a while ago, but I've been busy!) (Hey, did I tell you I have a new book out?)

So, Dead and Buried is FINALLY out in the world. Do you feel like I've been talking about this book for ages? I feel like I've been talking about it for ages. This book has been tough. T.O.U.G.H. From editing issues to family issues (yes, my mum and her fractured pelvis are taking some of the blame here!) to just everything! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have it out ...


And by now it's been out for, like, six hours ... so you've read it, right? What do you think? No. You haven't read it? You mean you can't super speed read? Who can't super speed read?! What's wrong with you???? 


On the topic of reading (and liking) my books. I need to ask a favour. Now, I'm one of these people who is horrifically bad at asking for help. Like, I'm just awful. 


Let me give you an example of how bad I am at it. You know taxis? You call them up, they take you where you want to go, you pay them and go about your day? Yeah, I can't do that. I feel as if I'm putting the taxi driver out. Like, that's his job!! I'm not asking a friend for a favour. It's not like I've flagged down a random stranger and asked them for a lift. I mean, it's his job. He's providing a service that I pay for. And I feel really bad about it. And don't even get me started on that excruciatingly awkward moment when you have to pay. I mean, do you tip? Do you wait for your change? Do you wait for your change and then tip? Or do you say "keep the change"? I can never say that without sounding like an idiot. And then because I'm awkward about it I think it makes them awkward. As if it's some seedy, underhand deal. 


Also, and maybe this is because as a writer I have a morbidly overactive imagination, but where do you get them to drop you off? Not outside your house, right? Because they'll know where you live. I have no idea what the taxi driver will do with that information. I mean, I lock all the doors and Mr Wolf is my housemate. And yet, the few times (less than five times in my entire life) that I've taken a taxi I always do the "It's fine right here," when we're still a couple of streets away. *rolls eyes at self*


And that's a paid service! So imagine how bad I am at actually asking someone to do something for me that's just a general favour. Yeah, it's excruciatingly awkward ... and now I'm going to ask you for a favour. 


You pre-ordered Dead and Buried, right? So, while you're on Amazon downloading it is there *cringe* any chance you might be able to *cringe* leave a review on Beyond Dead for me? *super cringe* 


Why? Well, I have a full-time job. I'd like to quit my full-time job so writing can be my full-time job. But I need to sell more books. To do this, I need to run some promotions, but the best promotions only accept books with a heap of reviews. So, I need more reviews to run promotions to sell more books to quit my job and write more books.


So what do you say? Wanna help a girl live her dream (to turn up to work in her PJs)? Awesome!

Heck yeah, girl! I'll help you live your dream ... 

Now, common sense stuff: Obviously, only leave a review if a) you've actually read Beyond Dead and b) preferably if you enjoyed it.


The review only has to be a few lines. Something like "I really enjoyed this book because ..." or "This book was the most amazing thing ever written in the history of the world. I worship at the author's feet.". Y'know, whichever you feel most comfortable with ...  


And if you find any other reviews that you think are good, feel free to vote them as helpful.


An enormous thank you in advance for your help. I know you're busy––I know life gets hectic so let me say that, regardless of whether you review or not I SUPER appreciate your company on this journey.


Speak soon,




*Disclaimer: the gif isn't the book cover––it's just how I feel about the book being out!!


Dead and Buried


Bridget Sway is happy … because Bridget Sway is shopping! 

At long last she has new clothes. New shoes. New makeup. Bridget is about to add some much needed underwear to her purchases but, instead of finding a frilly knicker and bra set, she finds a matching alive dead body and its ghost.

Despite her history with the victim, no one is accusing her of murder so, this time, Bridget thinks she might just get to sit this murder solving spree out. Unfortunately for her, pretty much everyone else has other ideas. 

With a handsome parole officer keeping a closer eye on her than ever, housemates to protect from a murderer (as well as each other), a new job to hold down and eyeliner to not smudge, Bridget’s afterlife is just not getting any easier.

But the important thing is she has new shoes …


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