Neighbours, 🐺 Mr Wolf and mean people ...


Hey yo, what's new bro?


(I mean that in a unisex way. Like "Hey guys".) 

Have you done anything fun this week? I haven't, not really. I've just been cleaning some ivy from the side of our house. It's, like, the most determined stuff ever––it grows through windows! (It doesn't break the glass, I mean it pokes its way through the seal which I think is still pretty impressive for ivy, really.)

So I set my ladder up and climbed it. Mentally dressed like this ... (and I still haven't watched this yet––do NOT send me spoilers!!)

... and waving my secateurs around, like "I'm ready to do battle with you! Send forth your most fearless warrior!". 

In reality, I had my Batman PJ bottoms on and was trying to dodge the falling leaves and whatever other insects were waiting to come flying out to attack me. 

And then, if insect dodging while ivy chopping wasn't difficult enough Mr Wolf decided he liked the look of the ladder. So he tried to climb up behind me. Now, we're not talking a two-step ladder here. We're talking an eight-foot ladder. Yeah. 

Despite me saying "Okay, I know this looks like fun but if you keep wobbling the ladder like that I'm likely to plummet to my doom and then there'll be no more walkies for you," he wasn't deterred. 

Anyway, I drew my ivy battle to a close (I was victorious––so you know) and then I let Mr Wolf have some fun trying to climb the ladder. I had no fun while Mr Wolf was trying to climb the ladder because I was the one supporting most of his weight while he tried to get the hang of the rungs. Ultimately he got half way up and then I had to rescue him. *rolls eyes* Boys. 

So that's been my morning. How has yours been? Any wannabe acrobat dogs down your way?

Sort of linked to the whole garden adventure theme we have yet more new neighbours. (It's almost like no one wants to live next door to me!) This is the fourth new set of neighbours. I was walking Mr Wolf passed the other day and saw they had a mountain of loose mud in their front garden (and I mean it was a huge amount of mud!) as well as a skip full of mud on the road. Where did all the mud coming from? Well, apparently, they're building a basement! What is that about? Why do you need to build a basement? What could possibly be the purpose of that? My murder mystery writer brain came up with a slew of reasons and all of them are sinister. Do you know why? No, not because I'm a murder mystery writer but because I've met the guys renovating the house and they are lovely. LOVELY. They seem like super nice people. So obviously they're up to no good!


Talking of people that are up to no good ... someone left a review for one of my books that called it "the worst book ever". 

Like a knife to the heart, right? And I absolutely have not ranted EVERYONEI know about this ... at all ... not even a little ... *cough cough* ...

Anyway, at first, I was all, like *indignant/insecure loooooong rant* because in every writer has a tiny (or not so tiny) part of themselves that believes they're terrible at writing. I'm pretty sure this is the same for anyone who really loves what they do and really tries hard to be good at it. AND I know that not everyone is going to like me/my writing/my awesome dancing and (mostly) I'm okay with that.

So (after some crying and some ice cream) I figured there were two ways I could deal with it. One: I could get all Hulk-ish and smash-y about it. Or two: I could defeat the evil forces of negativity with the overpowering sparkly goodness of positivity. 

(Side note: if you're getting up in my grill about ANYTHING before my first cup of tea, or it's a certain time of the month, or the bus is late, then y'all might wanna back up 'cause in those situations I throw my glittery positivity out the window and kinda I just let the Hulk times roll––it's healthy to cut loose every now and again. Just so you know.)

To get back to my point of the sugary goodness of positivity. I figured the best way to deal with this was to throw the doors to my ARC team open. What does this mean? Okay, it basically means I give you a free book and your review it. You leave your honest opinion, and you email me back the review, and then (if you enjoyed it) I send you the next book.

What do you say? Yes? No? You're not sure? Okay, well, I've left Beyond Dead free so you can try this out. Download it. Read it. If you get stuck writing the review, then email me. I won't do your homework for you ('cause how will you learn?) but I will point you in the right direction. 

So what do you say? Want to join my glittery positivity parade? Click your button to download your glitter starter pack (aka your book).

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Did you click? Awesome. I'm super looking forward to hearing from you soon. In the mean time be nice to people (unless they're super mean to you in which case you have my permission to Hulk-smash).

Jordaina :)