Jordaina Sydney Robinson grew up and, despite many adventures further afield, still lives in the North West of England.

For fun she buys notebooks, gets walked by her husky puppy and sings really loudly and really badly whilst driving her trusty old Seat, Roger.

Now, before we even do the how-are-you-today niceties, I need to complain. I'm sorry. But I do. This heat is killing me. I mean, I can actually feel myself dying a little each day. 


I don't know where you are or what the weather is like, but we Brits just ain't made for this. It hit 30 degrees yesterday! It was so bad that poor Mr Wolf has an upset tummy because of it. Upset all over the dining room floor if you catch my drift? Always fun to start a chat with talk of dog poo.


In other news, I broke my toe. The same toe that Mr Wolf broke last time. Someone told me that Mercury is in retrograde and straight up? When this happens, everything turns into Mr Wolf's upset stomach all over the dining room floor. (Get it?) Like, I wrote an email the other day and it self deleted twice! Yeah. Was not happy.



How did I break it? My toe not the email? Well, have you heard of the Beluga? Probably not. So, we live down the road from Airbus and we regularly see the Beluga taking off. 

(And a heap of other planes because next door to Airbus is, like, a sort of aeroplane garage where they fix private and military planes. They have to test fly them before they can certify them safe, so there's always some planes looping about over our house. Nothing says "good morning" like some type of fighter jet zipping overhead.) 


Anyway, I was at the supermarket (which happens to be in-between Airbus and my house) and it was taking off. I briefly, briefly, glanced up to look and kicked the trolley wheel. I heard a bone snap. THEN I had to snap it back into place! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAR PARK!

Oh, the drama.


Yep. That's me. So, how are you doing? Is everything good?


*looks around awkwardly*

Good, good. I've actually had a bit of a strange week this week. You know when everything just feels a bit out of sync? Honestly, I think it's the weather. I'M NOT BUILT  TO LIVE LIKE THIS!

Hope the weather is treating you more kindly than it is me.

Later, y’all!

Jordaina Sydney Robinson