Ahoy there, mateys!

First, let me just say a huge thank you for showing an interest in joining my review crew. There is a fancy application form below––yep, you do gotta apply. But this is a good thing. Some people sign up for these things thinking that it'll be all sunshine and unicorns when it's really all ghosts and murderers! But in a cosy way.

Basically your job as a crew member will be to review my books on two or more platforms. If you're thinking "Hang on, that's me doing you a favour––what's in it for me?" well I'm glad you asked! You get the books for free! Yup, free books in exchange for an honest review. Pretty sweet deal, right?

If you think this is something you might be interested in then fill out the form below. One of the required answers is a link to a review you're already written about one of my books. If you haven't read one already (how on earth did you find this!!?) then get a-reading! You can join The Dead Beat (my newsletter) here and you'll get a free book to start you off. It's super important to me that you've read at least one book before you come aboard so you know that you'll like my writing style/characters/general story lines. That way, you won't join the crew and suddenly realise this isn't your boat after all!

And, my ship is awesome so I don't have that many spare bunks ... so what are you waiting for? Fill out the form and request permission to come aboard!

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