Adventurers unite!



“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


Okay, so let me introduce myself. My name is Jordaina *waves* and I’m a literary adventurer … or, y’know, writer. I’m actually a lot of other things too, some I’m legitimately qualified to be, some I just happen to be and some my sister tells me I am when we argue (don’t feel sorry for me about the latter – I tell her she’s a couple of things too!).

If you’d like more details on my origin story (yes, I did just use a superhero term to describe my past) then head over to the about page and it will briefly catch you up to the present. Also, my friends tell me it’s funny – I’m not sure how accurate that is since they’re my friends so … but read it, don’t read it, this should still all make sense. *crosses fingers*

Where was I? Yes, I’m a writer! How cool is that? I get to make stuff up all day long. So what do I write? Well, I write a couple of things. The series that I’ve just released is about a ghost who solves ghost murders in a bureaucratic afterlife when she should be learning about … y’know what? If you’re interested just check out Bridget’s page – there’s a blurb and stuff. For a writer I’m not great at pitching, you think I would be, right? Oh, and if you think she might be your type of girl but you’re not totally convinced then just sign up to my awesome adventure chronicles/mailing list and you’ll get a free novella.

In addition to Bridget I write about a girl called Aurora North (no, she’s not a porn star or a disney character – whenever I tell people her name they seem to lean to either extreme. Think that tells you a lot about the people I talk to!). She’s a reporter who investigates weird stuff, like if you think you have werewolves in your local park or your house is haunted. Mostly she finds a rational explanation along with a few dead bodies. Her story will be released later this year, probably late autumn, so stay tuned for updates on her. There are plenty of other series I have planned too but I really need Superman to fly backwards around the earth (like he did to turn back time so he could save Lois Lane) but not so much that he reverses time, just enough to make days about forty hours long. That way I’ll have the time to fit it all in and age waaaaay more slowly! Win/win.

So, about now you’re probably thinking “She used an awesome quote for her headline but she hasn’t got to the adventure part yet!”. Okay, so here’s the adventure part – I shouldn’t have dragged it out because you might not be that impressed now! Despite writing for the majority of my life I’ve only just released my first book. It took a lot longer and a lot more work than I ever dreamed it would. At the time I thought the journey to finally releasing a book was like my own immense trek through Middle Earth (yes, I did just make that comparison!) and pressing "publish" was the equivalent to tossing the ring into Mount Doom. And then, after pressing "publish", I realised that all that stuff before was the equivalent to packing a bag. Years and years of packing a bag. And pressing "publish" was the equivalent to stepping onto the road. 

So, this is my adventure. It might not be a thrilling, daring, nail-biting adventure to you but that's okay because this is my adventure. It’s been a long time in the how-many-towels-do we-need-to-take and should-we-pack-teabags stage but it’s here now.

So what’s your adventure? Are you still packing for it or are you on the road already? Wherever your dreams are pulling, dangerous business or not, you need to go out your front door (real or metaphorical) and step onto the road because … 







... so, you coming or what?