No Spoilers, I promise!

I’m back! Hello all it’s Rhian again (geek and awkward at introductions girl). Jordaina has very nicely invited me back after my blog post last month, so I get to ramble on about random things to you lovely people again.

So there was a big event in the geek world recently. Yes, I’m talking about Captain America: Civil War. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on giving away any spoilers, I wouldn’t do that to you. After weeks of watching the trailers, fighting the temptation to read the graphic novel for spoilers, deciding whether I was Team Iron Man or Team Cap (Team Cap all the way!), I decided I would go for the ultimate cinema experience. Three films back to back: the first Captain America, followed by Winter Solider and finally Civil War at midnight. It wasn’t the first cinema movie marathon I’ve been to (and if I have my way it won’t be my last) but I have to admit it was definitely the best. 

Now, as you walk into the cinema, you find yourself silently assessing each other. Because everyone knows it’s Team Iron Man vs Team Cap (to make my decision obvious, I was wearing my Captain America converse and hoodie). Of course, it’s not a real rivalry because at the end of the day everyone’s Team Marvel. Maybe it’s the NFL fan in me but dressing up in my team’s colours made an already great film even better (I swear that’s all I’m going to say about the film; no spoilers, I promised). Maybe it’s because I felt more involved, even though I was sat in the cinema, with my 3D glasses on, stuffing my face with popcorn. Or maybe it’s because the whole audience feels connected; the majority of people in that cinema are strangers, yes, you might have gone with friends or family, but most people you’ve never seen before, but in that space of two hours you’re all rooting for the same thing: your favourite team to come out on top and an amazing film.

I’ve found that lately my life has resolved around three things: studying, reading and television (the latter two often distracting me from the former). But let me explain; for the last few years if anyone tried to text me on a Monday night during April or May, they would be waiting a long time for me to reply. I’m guessing a few of you know what I’m talking about; Game of Thrones is back! And it’s so exciting!!! This season anything goes, and there are no book spoilers that could ruin the series for me (I know, I’m ashamed I haven’t read the books). This is, in my opinion, definitely the make or break season because the writers’ have no books to refer to; they’re in charge of the story. I have read that George R. R. Martin has revealed to the producers who eventually wins the iron throne, although that could be a little bit awkward if the series finishes before the final book comes out. But like I said, it’s all so exciting. It also means if I don’t want to have to avoid the internet, television or human company, I have to watch GoT on a Monday night, so no-one reveals anything to me. That’s the excuse I use to stop studying anyway. 

Because we’ve all been there, that awkward conversation when you’re trying to figure out if someone else has watched it, so you don’t give away any spoilers. I’m ashamed to say I may have told someone quite a big part of an episode I didn’t realise they hadn’t seen yet . . .  

So while I should be taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we’re currently having I find myself back in my nerd habitat studying, which if I’m being honest, most of the time means trying not to get distracted by the internet, and resisting the urge to binge watch the entire first five seasons of GoT. 

We all know it can end badly, poor Robb *sniff, sniff*